First Audible books review

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During our recent vacation to florida, I listened to 2 audio books via audible. The Associate by John Grisham & The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer. Both books were very engaging and made the 11 hour drive much easier.

Not too long ago I also finished The Appeal by John Grisham. As I have listened to his last few books, I have noticed that John Grisham doesn’t like happy endings. His books typically end with the notion that this is what happens in real life. The hero doesn’t always win.

In my opinion, while all three of these books were really good, none of them represent the respective authors finest work. The major difference is the two Grisham books are his latest ones (#21 & 22), while the Meltzer is his first (of seven). Out of these three, I would definitely give the edge to the two Grisham books. But there are others by Meltzer, that really shine.

Who likes their luggage well done?

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As she boards her United Airlines return flight to Chicago, Shannon Tadel was informed that her luggage was set on fire.

A dumbfounded Tadel boarded the plane, not quite sure what to do. Moments later, the pilot summoned her to the cockpit.

“He said, ‘Do you see that over there? That’s your luggage,’” Tadel recalled.

She looked out the plane’s window and saw a man with a hose and a big plume of smoke.

While they did get her a complimentary upgrade to first class, it took two months and the intervention of the Chicago Tribune to get United to pay for what they accidently burned. I suppose the only thing that you can hope for is that baggage handler doesn’t touch your bag.

Clean Fridge

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We have been home from our vacation for 3 days now and haven’t gone grocery shopping yet. There was very little fresh food when we got home. Now every meal progressively is getting more creative. Eventually we are going to cave in and restock the fridge. The only upside is this is a good way to use up a lot of things that had been sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten.

“Ahhh, thanks for the bail out money, we don’t want it after all”

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This is hilarious. Apparently Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley are anxious to pay the government back the bail out money. Here is an excerpt:

“We just think that operating our business without the government capital would be an easier thing to do,” said David A. Viniar, the chief financial officer of Goldman. “We’d be under less scrutiny, and under less pressure. Not that we’d be out of the public eye; we’re still going to be in the public eye.”

Translation: We don’t want the Government meddling in on how big our bonuses are or what corporate perks we give our Board of Directors.

Microsoft now wants their own iPhone

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Apparently, Microsoft is going to create a new phone to take on Apple’s iPhone. This totally reminded me of two funny videos. Two years ago Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s CEO) had this to say about the then unrelease iPhone:

Apparently, Craig Ferguson didn’t share Steve Ballmer’s optimism:

The captains should go down with the ship

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It looks like congress is asking the CEOs from the banks that took federal funding to come and account for their spending. IT IS ABOUT TIME!. When you take tax money, you better not spend it on a $50 million dollar private airplane.

I personally think that this type of oversight needs to be more scrutinizing and far more public. If some of my taxes are going to help bail out companies, you are darn right that I deserve to know what they are doing with it.

The Joys of filing the Tax Return

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Last night I started the yearly headache known as filing taxes. I will say that I have been using TurboTax for almost 10 years now and it does make the process much easier then manually filing out the forms. Ultimately, the hassle of the work is overshadowed by the return check.

Last year there was a special treat after we got our refund check: the stimulus check. We like everyone else got some extra cash in hopes to spur the economy. Although the whole time, I kept telling Joanna that I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a rebate on a future tax return. While that still remains to be seen, there is one thing for sure – the IRS is going to tax that money. So what they give with one hand they take with the other.

Muppet Encore

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This morning I showed Josh & Ava the video of Buddy Rich vs Animal. They liked it so much that they asked for more. So here is a few additional classic Animal moments:

First: Who is Animal: A Short Biography

Second: A Duet of Song & Drum

Finally: Harry vs Hairy

First iTunes kills the CD, are comic books next?

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Many many moons ago, I used to be an avid comic book collector. It looks like Marvel is looking to revolutionize the comics industry by selling them on iTunes.

I am sure that this decision is in no small part to how profitable the comic book to movie formula is turning out to be. Several of the most successful movies last year were all comic book spin offs (The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, etc). While creating a ipod/iphone version of comic books may create a new audience of cliental, it certainly destroys the notion of collecting comics as an “investment”.

The end of the Muppet Show = Bedtime

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When I was young, every night I watched the Muppet Show. It came on 7:30pm. I remember the time that it came on because when it was over it was bedtime. So since it is 1:30am and I should be in bed now, here is something for your reading  & watching pleasure.

First is an article about where the ideas for 20 Muppet characters came from.

Second as an added bonus, a classic moment from the Muppet show. Buddy Rich, the father of drumming, faces off against in house drummer – Animal. While Animal is quite the compeditor, he is just no match. I love the look on Animal’s face when he realizes he has lost.