I am pretty sure that no one other then Joanna will care about this, but I can happily say that I just finished our 2008 taxes. Turbotax really has made doing taxes so much easier. I think it also helps to make sure that you get all the deductions that you qualify for.

The first year that you start using it is the hardest. You have to enter in all of your information. Then subsequent years, if you have your previous year’s turbotax file, it imports everything to make the process much faster.

Gratefully, Intuit gave me a complimentary copy at Macworld. So since we got it free and it came with a free federal e-file, that is like an extra $100 refund!

The best part of e-filing & electronic deposit, is in about a week, the federal & state refunds just show up in our checking account. I don’t think that there is any way I could go back to pen, paper & calculator to do my taxes.

Golly, thanks Intuit.