I am sitting on the porch watching Josh & Ava playing with Kate (the neighbor’s daughter). Out of no where Josh says “lets play Star Wars” and then he and Kate pick up what ever they can find that resemble lightsabers and start swinging at each other. David, Kate’s father, and I quickly put the stop to that.

So, upfront let me say that Josh has never seen Star Wars. Granted, he has seen little Lego Star Wars cartoons, has some Star Wars Legos kits and a video game. That said, it is amazing how much he knows about the series.

Joanna has said that she wants Josh to wait until he is 8 before he sees the actual movies. So about a week ago, we were talking about my nephew getting baptized this month since he just turned 8. We then asked Josh what happens when he turns 8… he quickly replyed “I get to watch Star Wars!”

This probably should not have come as a surprise to anyone.