During our recent vacation to florida, I listened to 2 audio books via audible. The Associate by John Grisham & The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer. Both books were very engaging and made the 11 hour drive much easier.

Not too long ago I also finished The Appeal by John Grisham. As I have listened to his last few books, I have noticed that John Grisham doesn’t like happy endings. His books typically end with the notion that this is what happens in real life. The hero doesn’t always win.

In my opinion, while all three of these books were really good, none of them represent the respective authors finest work. The major difference is the two Grisham books are his latest ones (#21 & 22), while the Meltzer is his first (of seven). Out of these three, I would definitely give the edge to the two Grisham books. But there are others by Meltzer, that really shine.