Dancing with the Geek

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The popular tv show “Dancing with the Stars” has enlisted the other Steve (Steve Wozniack) for its new season. Woz, the co-founder of Apple, is known for a lot of things, but dancing isn’t usually one of them. I think this video sums it up:

Lets summarize: Woz is putting his entire dancing career in the hands of computer geeks to call (or hack) in on his behalf. This could either be a huge disgrace or a spectacular victory.

maybe a little too independent?

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Over the past 7 months, Josh has begun to enjoy what he likes to refer to as “Peace & Quiet Time”. No it isn’t what you think. P&QT is where he wakes up before anyone else, comes down stairs and watches TV. The only quiet that there is in this scenario is from everyone else.

Generally, we don’t mind this as he just turns on some of “his shows”. Although occasionally, he does some interesting things. For example, we have learned to leave all the movies locked up – Josh has a tendency that if the cabinet is unlocked he will watch at least one. While he knows how to do it, it tends to ruin DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

Sometimes he helps himself to what is in the fridge. Having recently figured out how to use the microwave, nothing is safe. The only problem is he isn’t as well versed in the concept of “microwave safe”.

This morning ranks up there pretty high on the frustration list. We woke up and put on Toy Story 2 in our room for them to watch. About 2/3 of the way through, Josh decided that downstairs would be a more liberating place for him so he snuck out. We assumed he was just watching one of his shows. Unbeknownst to us, Josh was having a good time alone.

When we came down we found that he had gone in the garage, taken a few boxes off the deep freeze, moved a chair over to it & gotten out two Nestle Drumsticks for breakfast (of course Ava didn’t want to be left out). Both the door to the garage and the freezer were both left open.

Josh was at least smart enough to devour his, because when we got down stairs, all he had left was a big smile of chocolate on his face. Ava on the other hand, was just getting started. I tried to take hers away, but it became apparent that this was going to cause new problems… so I helped he eat it. Hey, I was upset but not stupid.

While Ava was eating her cone, I sent Josh upstairs to get cleaned up and dressed. Apparently, the peanuts, chocolate, ice cream and cone had a dizzying & numbing affect on me because I didn’t think what would happen if I sent him up alone to get cleaned up.

When I finally came to my senses, I walked into their bathroom and the sink was full of water and there were enough soap bubbles on top of the sink to fill the tub. After he finally came down clean & dressed, he gave me his little smile and said “Look daddy, I got dressed”.

Really, the real problem through out this whole process was trying not to laugh. Sometimes it is difficult to pretending to be upset. Being a parent requires a great deal of self control so that kids don’t know how funny they really are.

Epilogue: It wasn’t 15 minutes later before Josh was scouting the kitchen for something to eat. Apparently, Drumsticks aren’t as filling as they appear.

thanks to turbotax

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I am pretty sure that no one other then Joanna will care about this, but I can happily say that I just finished our 2008 taxes. Turbotax really has made doing taxes so much easier. I think it also helps to make sure that you get all the deductions that you qualify for.

The first year that you start using it is the hardest. You have to enter in all of your information. Then subsequent years, if you have your previous year’s turbotax file, it imports everything to make the process much faster.

Gratefully, Intuit gave me a complimentary copy at Macworld. So since we got it free and it came with a free federal e-file, that is like an extra $100 refund!

The best part of e-filing & electronic deposit, is in about a week, the federal & state refunds just show up in our checking account. I don’t think that there is any way I could go back to pen, paper & calculator to do my taxes.

Golly, thanks Intuit.

Ryan Started the Fire

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Since this week is a repeat on the Office, here is a little fan creation that can help ease the wait until then new episode on March 5.

Scrambled, Over-easy or Sunny Side Up?

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No, this isn’t a scene from Jurassic Park. Here is a picture of 30 eggs you hope you don’t find in your fridge.

The birth of a rare Siamese Crocodile.

The birth of a rare Siamese Crocodile.

the big salad

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A few weeks ago, I was making dinner. I was chopping up some romaine lettuce when Josh asked me if I was making the “Man vs Food” salad… which made Joanna & I laugh.

Man vs Food is a show on the travel channel, where the host goes to different cities to take on a local food challenge. Sometimes it is eating a 12 egg omelet or an 8 lb. hamburger, while other times is is eating an extremely spicy meal.

Regardless of the challenge, this is one of the kids current favorite non-cartoon shows on tv.

The new face of the Tonight Show

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Soon Conan O’Brian will take over the Tonight Show. I wonder how Johnny Carson would react to seeing this video?

The funny thing is rather then retiring from TV like Johnny did, Jay Leno is moving from the Tonight Show to the Jay Leno Show. The only difference that this appears to have, is that he will be on an hour earlier. Everything else will be the same format.

“Lets play Star Wars”

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I am sitting on the porch watching Josh & Ava playing with Kate (the neighbor’s daughter). Out of no where Josh says “lets play Star Wars” and then he and Kate pick up what ever they can find that resemble lightsabers and start swinging at each other. David, Kate’s father, and I quickly put the stop to that.

So, upfront let me say that Josh has never seen Star Wars. Granted, he has seen little Lego Star Wars cartoons, has some Star Wars Legos kits and a video game. That said, it is amazing how much he knows about the series.

Joanna has said that she wants Josh to wait until he is 8 before he sees the actual movies. So about a week ago, we were talking about my nephew getting baptized this month since he just turned 8. We then asked Josh what happens when he turns 8… he quickly replyed “I get to watch Star Wars!”

This probably should not have come as a surprise to anyone.

What a Fantastic Combination!

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Sometimes a good thing is really good but when you combine two good things you create something special… like a reese peanut butter cup. So what do you get when you take a top 10 list from David Letterman and cross it with a good George Bush Story:

More then just bags… now they sell designer rolls.

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Over the years, Joanna has noticed (and pointed out on several occasions) that I collect bags – Laptop bags, Camera bags, etc. This isn’t a hobby, it is just that I have never found the pefect one. Usually, ones that I don’t like get retuned or resold on ebay – very few end up sticking around.

Not too long ago, I purchased a small messenger type bag made by crumpler to carry around daily stuff. First I should say, that they make incredible bags. But the company is a bit quirky. That said, when we were getting ready to go to Disney World, Joanna wanted to borrow it. When we got home we looked to see if they had any other bags that she would like and found this unusual new product..